A Better World by Design

The branding experience of A Better World by Design 2011.

A Better World by Design is an internationally acclaimed conference organized by Brown and RISD students. It brings together professionals, individuals, students from across the US and overseas to exchange ideas and inspire one another about how to solve the world's toughest issues through the power of design. Since joining the committee as a freshmen in 2010, I've had the pleasure of getting to know a quirky group of passionate student leaders that is now my Better World family. Below are some of the main works completed as the 2011 Branding Coordinator. For more information about the conference, visit www.abetterworldbydesign.com
The awesome 2011 Better World by Design committee.
Sponsor kit distributed online to potential sponsors to introduce them to the conference in a concise, visual manner. 
Banner posters at the conference's assigned table at RISD's Block Party (club fair).
Pre-conference ad posters featuring each of the speakers and panelists. 
Conference Program
As sustainable food-sourcing was a major theme of this year's conference, communicating this improved food system to the attendees was key.
As part of the zero-waste initiative for Better World food, making sure that attendees would sort their compostable utensils was important. The best way to do this after much consideration was to display the exact item on the trash bin signs. This method proved successful throughout the entire conference. 
Better World Banner Bags - street banners reclaimed and upcycled into tote bags, each one unique in its pattern and bold in its environmental statement. Though for promo purposes a clean canvas tote with our full color logo would've been the most effective, I thought it was important to support a Better World value of sustainability even if it meant sacrificing a little bit of branding exposure. Though we were worried about how well the monochrome logo would read on the patterned fabric, each of them turned out great and acted as a conversation-starter for curious non-attendees. 
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