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I joined the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in January of 2015 to help launch a $45 million Congressionally mandated program called the "localworks". localworks is about supporting the creativity and resourcefulness of local communities, and enabling them to drive their own development without foreign assistance. We’re staying away from the kind of development that is prescribed by USAID and instead moving towards the kind that’s owned and led by local organizations and communities—who, by the way, understand their needs and wants way better than myself or anyone else in Washington D.C. 
The project you are about to delve into below is one part of a series that chronicles the experiences I've had as a lone designer in government, working on a very exciting but challenging development initiative. 

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As part of the localworks program, USAID missions* are required to conduct a network analysis. The purpose of the analysis is to identify local resource organizations--organizations that are resource hubs that other local organizations trust and turn to for support and advice. Since there are strong local resource organizations across technical sectors--whether in health, education, or environment--it's important that the network analysis is not limited to any one sector. This animation video was created to explain the concept of a sector-neutral analysis to USAID missions. As our previous attempts to explain this idea was done through written documents and verbal presentations, we felt a visual narrative would be a more engaging medium.
*mission — aka USAID field offices located within the countries we serve. 

Creative direction by: Leah Chung
Design & illustrations by: Leah Chung
Animations by: Jordan Wong
Edited by: Jordan Wong
Sound editing by: Jordan Wong
Sound design by: Andy Kim
Script: Leah Chung, Cheryl Kim, and Thomas Carter
Voiceover: Leah Chung 
Character Design
Animation Stills
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